The Conference was awesome! But when our gifts were destroyed, my life changed forever. I never realised I was so selfish.
— 15 Year Old, Amber Conference Experience Participant
Amber Conference Experience @ The Black Box, National Library

Amber Conference Experience @ The Black Box, National Library

Amber Experience - Conference & Workshops

Our Amber Experience program is designed to be highly interactive and dynamic, throwing the youth outside of their comfort zones, making them question assumptions, and ultimately form their own opinions on the issues presented. 

Each Amber Experience is diligently designed to include authentic sharing from speakers recognised internationally for their community/social efforts, the creation and debate of information via open discussions, and exercises in taking on perspectives contrary to common lines of thinking. 

Activities are customised and planned to push every participant to explore the boundaries of moral thought, and to understand the motivations behind the actions of stakeholders. Participants will learn about some pitfalls of popular solutions, question the tenability of others in learning to distinguish “quick-fix” Band-Aid type fixes. Creativity is cultivated to construct more sustainable solutions.