Shahril B. Hassan, Co-Founder & COO 

Shahril has been the soul of the Amber Family since 2008. A deeply compassionate person that strongly believes in second chances, he is passionate about his work in aiding the development of others. Inspired by those around him, Shahril seeks to inspire others in discovering their inherent potential and using their talents to make this world a better place. 

His genuine compassion and fierce belief that ‘everyone deserves a chance’ have been the result of his own life experiences. Through one of his lowest moments when he was devoid of hope, there were people who were there to lend a helping hand. One of those, was Shahril’s rugby Coach in college. Not only did his coach give him a helping hand, he gave Shahril the opportunity to shine and succeed. This gesture - of a man who went out of his way to help someone he barely knew - is a regular source of inspiration for Shahril. Such experiences have allowed him to truly empathise with others; And that is perhaps Shahril’s greatest strength.

As a former national rugby player, Shahril’s ability to be both a leader and a team player is an important asset for Amber as well. Naturally enthusiastic and vibrant in character, his exuberant presence in the team is uplifting and highly contagious. These qualities also shone through in his time at a management consulting firm where he contributed immensely to product and programme development. Prior to that, he held active leadership positions during his time in school that gave him the honour of leading various groups of the student population. Shahril graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology and Organisational Behaviour from Singapore Management University (SMU). He strives to move through life never ignoring an opportunity to offer a smile or lend a helping hand.