Suraj P. Upadhiah, Co-Founder & CEO

Suraj was brought up in a family where tenacity, creativity and service were cornerstones of everyday living. His father was a dedicated and committed civil servant rising from Constable to a Senior Police Officer. His Mother spent all of her working career in the Ministry of Education holding various positions that allowed her to impact young lives.

The turning point in his life came when he lost his mother to cancer and unintentionally stumbled into friendships with children from the slums in Kolkata.

Suraj is passionate in building uplifting relationships between people and communities that inspire positive action. Suraj has travelled extensively seeking the adventure in learning from each relationship that he encounters. His passion and dauntless spirit has led to numerous large, medium and small scale efforts to improve and dignify the lives of those in marginalised circumstances. He has also served in the corporate sphere, always seeking to connect personally with clients and ensure the highest level of delivery in projects. Suraj was immersed in both sports and the arts during his schooling years. He captained the rugby team and later the theatre club. Suraj graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from The State University of New York, Buffalo. Suraj is a committed young man who is driven by his inspired conviction to co-create a world filled with compassion and NOT pity. He strides forth with a skip and a smile loving and living every moment of life.