Butterfly Books

Asset Based Community Development

Air Amber & ECDC have partnered to embark on an exciting social enterprise project titled 'Butterfly Books'. The Butterfly Books is a series of six value-based, children's books that were co-created by Air Amber & the children of ECDC. The books cover the themes of Courage, Perseverance, Sacrifice, Hope, Team Work, Friendships and Family. 

As young children who found themselves in unfortunate circumstances, the authors have grown tremendously to become young leaders in the ECDC family. The 'Butterfly Books' SG Launch is an opportunity and platform to share their journey with the rest of the world. More than a series of children's books, rally behind inspirational individuals who have overcome great odds & be part of this effort to launch their dream to inspire others!


Our Young Authors. Tez, Laxmi, Biraj, Shristi (From Left to Right)

Global Launch In Singapore

After eight months of continual development, the stage is set for the Singapore Launch of the 'Butterfly Books' in April. In addition to the launch event, these young Nepalese authors will be presented with the opportunity to Explore, Exchange & Experience Singapore.

- 2-15th April 2017
- 'Butterfly Books' Launch Event
- Screening of 'Waiting for Mamu'
- Sharing & Exchange at local Schools - Multiple Reading Sessions
- Thematic Singapore Experiences
- Engagement Events

Our Young Authors Working Hard On Their Drafts

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Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC), Nepal


In 2005, Pushpa Basnet founded ECDC, a registered non-profit in Nepal that seeks to help children of inmates. Upon witnessing the number of children in the Nepalese prisons, she developed a fierce belief that "no child should grow up behind bars." Twelve years on, ECDC now runs both a kindergarten program & a residential home to over forty children. Pushpa's dedication along with the tremendous impact she has had on the lives of these children has won her the prestigious CNN Hero (2012) & CNN Superhero (2016) awards. Beyond providing basic necessities, ECDC has ignited in these children a sense of renewed hope & instilled a strong familial bond.