The Invisible Visible - Conversations Inspiring Hope book is a collaborative effort between Air Amber, Humanitarian Organization For Migration Economics (HOME) & Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2). All proceeds from book sales will go to HOME  & TWC2 to support the wonderful work they are doing in Singapore. 

The book will comprise interviews conducted with 25-30 Foreign Domestic Workers and Migrant Workers who have been victims of human trafficking, forced labor and/or abuse in Singapore. The book takes a unique position of sharing the strengths and value of each individual and NOT their ‘victim stories’. Through the exploration of hopes, dreams and aspirations, we seek to humanise every individual interviewed and offer a transcendence beyond the labels. 

The interviews will be conducted by various local youth from varied backgrounds. Each interviewer will offer a unique lens which he/she brings to the fore. We have chosen youth for the simple reason that they are the future of our nation. This alternative perspective brings a characteristic depth when reflecting upon hope and development for the near future. 

The Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) registered as a society and charity in 2004 and is dedicated to upholding the rights of migrant workers in Singapore, including victims of human trafficking and forced labour.


HOME's activities, which focus on advocacy, welfare and empowerment, are aimed at creating an inclusive society which upholds the principles of equality and non-discrimination. Our vision is to ‘build a culture of welcome where no man, woman or child is a stranger; we are family’.