Your film portal to the front lines of today’s global issues!

SIMA Classroom gives you access to over 100 award-winning short documentaries and VR experiences, bonus features and engagement models that bring global human rights issues, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), social innovations and entrepreneurship to life.

Curated from over 140 countries around the globe, this diverse and expansive “Netflix for changemakers” offers an unprecedented collection of contemporary current-affairs documentaries, participatory lesson plans and engagement resources, that give viewers a first-person insight into the pulse, the people, and the movements behind today’s global issues.

SIMA films are selected from the finalists and winners of the annual international Social Impact Media Awards. Comprising the gold standard of social-issue cinematic storytelling, along with interactive engagement resources, SIMA Classroom equips viewers with the contexts, the skills, the global mindsets, and cultural competence required in our ever-changing world.

SIMA Classroom is being utilized in a range of formal and informal learning spaces, including libraries; colleges and high schools; and as curriculum assets for subjects ranging from social entrepreneurship, global studies, journalism, english, film and more.

SIMA’s approach aligns with Global Competencies (as defined by the Program For Student Assessment and Asia Society’s Center for Global Education) and the USA’s Common Core standards.

“I became so captivated. I can’t watch a film or documentary the same way now. I am surprised at how much these stories have made me reflect on my own life...”
— Rex Rothstein, Student