Driven by passion,
led by relationships.

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Assessing realities, delivering innovation and executing transformation. Responsible for the daily expression of the vision ‘Bigger Hearts, Smaller World”.


Suraj Upadhiah
Co-Founder, DIRECTOR

As Co-Founder and CEO, Suraj is responsible for the overall development of Air Amber’s strategy to meet the ends of our vision, ‘Bigger Hearts, Smaller World’. He drives the organisation’s financial growth to ensure sustainability and longevity in impact. Suraj is passionate about building uplifting relationships between people and communities that inspire positive action. He has travelled extensively, seeking adventure in learning from each relationship that he encounters. His passion and dauntless spirit have led to numerous large, medium and small-scale efforts to improve and to dignify the lives of those in marginalised circumstances. He has served in the corporate sphere, always seeking to connect personally with clients and ensuring the highest level of delivery in projects. During his schooling years, Suraj participated actively in both sports and the arts. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from The State University of New York at Buffalo. Suraj strongly believes that he has a part to play in co-creating a world filled with compassion, and not pity.


Shahril Hassan
Co-Founder, DiRECTOR
Chief operations Officer (COO)

As Co-Founder and COO of Air Amber, Shahril drives the execution of the organisation’s core functions while ensuring operational excellence in implementation. He also plays a key human resource role with the management of Air Amber’s community base, project managers and facilitators. A deeply compassionate individual that strongly believes in second chances, he is passionate about his work in aiding the development of others. Inspired by those around him, Shahril seeks to inspire others in discovering their inherent potential and nurturing their talents to positively impact communities around the world. He was a former national rugby player and also worked in a boutique management consulting firm after graduating from Singapore Management University. Shahril strives to move through life never ignoring an opportunity to offer a smile or lend a helping hand.

Strategic Advisors

Our advisors play an integral role not just in the sharing of their expertise, resource and networks, but they are Air Amber’s accountability partners;
always holding us the highest of standards of excellence, integrity and impact.

Tan Ying Jiao, Tiziana
Communications - PR, Marketing & Branding

Benjamin Tan
Community Engagement

Andrew Yap
Building & Design

Jeremy Teo
Youth Engagement

Dr. Hakim Young
Peace Building

Gan Zhi Yang, David
Finance & Investments

Winsy Takumi Togelang
Senior/Eldercare Innovation 

Nawaljeet Singh Rayar
Research & International Relations

Thomas Morgan
Impact Film & Media

Pushpa Basnet
Social Impact (Nepal)



As part of our larger eco-system of sustainable change, our affiliates are stakeholders and our closest allies in adding colour to the community led vision.



Brain Juice Collective is a full service impact marketing agency, education and venture ecosystem. They elevate and empower conscious brands to create global impact.

Rebelhouse Asia

Rebelhouse Asia Pte Ltd. is the Asia Pacific arm of Squarezero Films, USA. It was formed with the purpose of producing and distributing social impact documentaries. They also provide film education opportunities for passionate impact story-tellers.