Sales Manager

If you are looking to leave your mark as a ‘legend sales champion’, this might be the job for you. We are looking for a driven Sales Manager that can take up the challenge of redefining the sales processes open new channels for Air Amber. You will work closely with the Directors to set targets and develop cutting edge strategies to improve and sustain sales. Some key responsibilities:

  1. Seeking out NEW major clients and forming positive working relationships with them

  2. Identifying valuable emerging markets for our products and services

  3. Accurately forecasting future sales and forming sales plans

  4. Serving as a business representative at major industry events, conferences, trade shows, and expositions

  5. Forming sales strategies to keep our company competitive and innovative


We are looking for passion driven individuals to join us as facilitators. You will be working to bring to life community driven experiences. Essentially you will help us create the 'dance floor' for learning! This is not a full-time position, you will be allocated programs based on your interests and skill sets. Some key traits for being an Amber Facilitator:

  1. Have a keen interest for working with communities

  2. Warm, friendly and approachable personality

  3. Possesses creativity(whatever this means to you)

  4. Strong leadership in managing teams and groups


Our internship opportunities are open throughout the year. Our goal for each internship is that you are 1.Involved in what you are interested in, 2. You are creating and 3.You are learning. So be ready with an idea of what you want out of the internship. Below are the different areas you can be involved in:

  1. Marketing

  2. Sales

  3. Program Development

  4. Program Management

  5. Design

  6. Community & Partner Engagement

  7. Product Development

  8. Film & Media