GIGI BLOCKS - Fairytale Christmas Se, 30XL Big Blocks

GIGI BLOCKS - Fairytale Christmas Se, 30XL Big Blocks

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Fairytale Christmas Set Includes Stencils and Crayons


Create your play world from scratch! Build your greatest ideas, block by block. This is the very beginning of the amazing world of your imagination. Welcome!

There is a reason why people all over the world love GIGI bloks so much. It’s not about the form, the purpose or function of the toy. It’s about all those endless possibilities to truly build with your own imagination. And there is no place more colorful, interesting, amazing and fascinating your mind.

It’s fun for kids and adults! Because GIGI Bloks is certified “Excellent play” toy. One toy makes for multiple play activities!

EASY TO FOLD. It takes half a minute to fold one block, and even less to unfold it if you want to free up space. Adult assembly required.

PRECAUTIONS. These blocks are not moisture or fire resistant; they’re strong enough to be played with, but not for sitting or standing on.

INCLUDES-  30 big double unit blocks (13x6.5x6.5cm).

INTERLOCKING SYSTEM , meaning, you can actually build something with them that won't topple over when you bump into it.

MULTIPLE AWARDS confirm that GIGI Bloks is the TOP choice in the building block world.

EXTRA DURABLE building blocks designed to hold up to 27kg. Just make sure you even out the weight by covering the blocks with a flat surface.

STORAGE. You can easily store GIGI by building a wall and putting it against a wall, building a tower in the corner, or a box for toys or a treasure chest.

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