Little MiMi's Magic Eyes

Little MiMi's Magic Eyes


See through Little Mi Mi’s magical eyes as she takes a long and difficult journey to her village and discovers with herself the beauty of positivity!

Little Mi Mi's Magic Eyes is part of the Butterfly Books series. The Butterfly Books series are values based children books inspired by true stories. This is a landmark Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) project by Air Amber and The Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) . As young children who found themselves in unfortunate circumstances, the authors have grown to a place where they are now active contributors to the community. May this collection of books rekindle the joy of child like wonder and begin a hopeful conversation of living and learning with love.  

Author - Laxmi Tamang

Laxmi is an optimist. She strides forth discovering the joy in every moment, infecting everyone with her positive spirit. It is simply impossible not to smile when working with her! Currently, Laxmi is pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at Kathmandu University. She is an outstanding illustrator and compelling story-teller. Her books in the series are, 'Little Mi Mi's Magic Eyes', 'Tam Tam's Terrible Day' & 'Jamdy, The Winner'.

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