Transforming Lives

By Experiencing CHALLENGES and Facing WEAKNESS,
We Ignite Hope and Inspire Action.
By Experiencing the UNKNOWN
We Redefine Perspectives, Form Opinions and Own Convictions. 


People are valued and have value.
We all can make the DREAM of a better world a REALITY.
But, without experiencing REALITY, change will remain a DREAM.

We Creatively present opportunities to EDUCATE, EQUIP and EMPOWER youth and elderly to positively impact communities around the world.
— Amber Team

The ‘Amber Bus - Where Learning Lives! is a local and immersive full day field trip that takes participants on an exploratory learning journey. The key themes covered are National Identity & Socio-Cultural Sensitivity Awareness, Community & Social Impact and Environmental Sustainability. Several features include project work, inter-generational collaboration, and personal reflection & development.

The ‘Air Amber Take Off’ program is a one-day overseas voyage that connects local students with foreign counterparts in South-East Asia. Service Learning, Relationship-Building and Community Development form the cornerstones in each ‘Take Off’. We strive to achieve the ASEAN call for greater regional inter-connectedness.

The 'Amber Experience' is a 2-day customised workshop/conference  that aims to develop students with competencies that will bring about community development and social impact. Students will learn the importance and process of creating constructive opinions, gain knowledge and awareness of social issues and challenges facing us today and hear from the lives and philosophies of inspirational movers and shakers.   


Air Amber is a member of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE)