Blank Space

Bring your colour. A curated lineup of stimulating storytelling experiences & community dialogues that seek to exposer, inspire & equip for social impact.




Raise awareness and consciousness of social and community-related challenges both in Singapore and from the around the globe


Ignite interest and spark excitement by connecting youth participants to a host of social impact superstars and community champions changing the world today.


Provide insights, present perspectives, and pitch new ideas that facilitates depth in understanding social issues and encourages creativity in solutions to these challenges


1. Innovative Solutions

Tap on the creativity and diversity of the collective group to further develop social impact solutions that are innovative yet reality-centred to optimise its efficacy

2. Activated Youth

Meaningfully engage youth participants in dialogue around issues that concern them with the purpose of moving the conversation to ideation of youth-driven impact projects

3. Social Impact

Youth participants work together on real-life solutions to real-world problems to bring about real impact on the ground with the guidance and support of Air Amber


Virtual Collaboration for Impact


Creating new realities with communities

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Bring Your Colour


 1. Online & Offline

Total of 12 Blank Space sessions;
8 Online Events & 4 Offline Events
will be organised by Air Amber in 1 year

2. Themed Storytelling

Each Blank Space will begin with an inspirational sharing by Community Champions themed around topics such as social entrepreneurship, innovation, community development and more

3. Community Dialogue

Storytelling will be followed by a dialogue in Impact Circles (8-10 participants) on today's relevant issues by sharing perspectives, envisioning together, distilling challenges and exploring impactful solutions

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